KernalKart 64  rev1 Up to 8 alternate Kernals!

KernalKart 64 rev1 Up to 8 alternate Kernals!


Now there is a quick and easy way to upgrade your Commodore 64 kernal to one of the many out there!  Simply plug in the cartridge, select your kernal, and you’re good to go.  Great addition for the PiDrive!

Please contact me about the kernals you would like flashed to the kart.  You can email me the images you want burned to the cart. Add them all to the same zip file (make the name of the zip file your last name with first initial) and I’ll burn the ROM for you! If you don’t contact me, I will include a blank eprom. 

Be sure to Attach the easy clip to pin 28 on the 6510 cpu. 

Video here.


Based on the cartridge discussed here:



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